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Make Halloween Jewelry - Halloween Jewelry How-To's

Spooky styles for this Halloween are easy with these jewelry projects.


The shapes and colors of Halloween are hard to resist in jewelry form. Learn how to create creepy spiders, cutesy ghosts and more with these complete photo tutorials.

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1. Eyeball Ring

Decoupage Ring
Rain Blanken
Hey, I wear mine year-round, but I guess you can count this kitschy eyeball ring as a good Halloween accessory. All you need is a magazine and a little glue.

2. Glow in the Dark Jewelry

Glow in the Dark Earrings
Kate Pullen
Use rubber stamps and luminescent clay to make glowing pendants and earrings. Our Guide to Rubber Stamping will show you how.

3. Spider Earrings

Spider Earrings
Tammy Powley
You can make these glitzy spiders out of beads and wire, then transform them into a pair of dangling earrings. Our Guide to Jewelry Making will take you from start to finish.

4. Spiderweb Necklace

Spiderweb Necklace
PattieWack has a great tutorial for these easy necklaces made from puffy fabric paint. Learn how to make both a spiderweb and bloody dripping necklace.

5. Scary Skull Beads

Skull Beads
Lesley Sheperd
Lesley, our awesome Guide to Miniatures, will show you how to make these really creepy skull beads. They can be used in a variety of Halloween jewelry, or even for Day of the Dead celebrations.

Use these with the Easy Bead Earrings tutorial to make a pair of skull earrings.

6. Kitschy Halloween Charm Bracelet

Halloween Charm Bracelet
Kat Porter
Kat Porter's blog is always worth a daily read, and she's got some great ideas to share for Halloween. Check out this bangle and earring set made with those dollar store plastic rings that haven't changes since we were kids.

7. Pumpkin Vine Necklace

Pumpkin Vine Necklace
Tammy Powley
Tammy will not only show you how to make this necklace- she also takes you step-by-step through making the pumpkin beads themselves. This is a great project that you can wear through the Fall season.

8. Simple Jack-O'Lantern Earrings

Jack O'Lantern Earrings
Tammy Powley
Learn how to roll out these easy polymer clay earrings. These are so simple and quick to make that you can give them away as treats for your friends. Our Guide to Jewelry Making will show you how.

9. Halloween Resin Cabs

Halloween Resin Cabs
Tammy Powley
You can embed Halloween stickers into resin for jewelry projects with these simple instructions on how to create resin cabs. After they're done, wire wrap them into a variety of pendants or earrings.

10. Goofy Pompom Jack O'Lantern

Pumpkin Necklace
Sherri Osborne
This pom-pom necklace project is probably best for small children, or teacher fashion. It's quick and easy to make if you're in a pinch to show a little Halloween spirit.

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