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Make a New Years Eve Party Hat

Make a stylish hat to ring in the new year.


Make a Party Hat

Learn how to turn a party hat into a glittering accessory.

Rain Blanken
Nothing says 'New Years' like a room full of people in goofy hats. Here, I'll show you how to make party hats for New Years that can be festive and stylish.

Free Printable Party Hats. Print one of these hats, then learn how to Decorate a Party Hat like the one shown, so that it is a feathered, glittering accessory instead of just a paper hat.

Learn how to Make a Mini Top Hat. Use cardboard, hot glue and finish with ribbon and satin fabric to make a dazzling little hat that even The Mad Hatter would envy.

New Years Party Hats Cathie Filian shows us how to dress up dollar store hats to create feathered and fabulous head gear for the new year.

Tassled Party Hats When in doubt, go to Martha. Here, Martha Stewart shows you how to make a tassled party hat with decorative paper and vellum.

Party Cones At Heartwarming Vintage, learn to make Victorian style party hats to impress your hipster friends.

Feathered Hats Here, Not Just a Mommy shows you how to create a feathered New Years hat using materials found at your local craft store.

New Years Weather Hat This attention-getting hat is sure to bring blue skies in with the New Year.

Flower Hat This flowering hat is an array of petals that is sure to be a show stopper.

First Night Hats These crazy hats use pipe cleaners to put some spring in the party.

Make a Top hat This pattern is for a quick and easy top-hats like the huge ones you find at amusement parks.

Do you have a hat pattern to share? Drop by the DIY Fashion message board.

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