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Top Ten Hippie Clothes


You can make your own easy breezy fashions that are often regarded as the 'hippie' style. These kinds of clothes are creative and offer a relaxed fit.

1. Turn Jeans into Bell Bottoms

Rear View Low Section Shot of a Woman Wearing Flared Jeans and Holding a Mobile Phone
John Cumming/Photodisc/Getty Images
To add a little flare to your jeans, all you need is a bit of fabric and a few minutes of stitching. I'll show you how to get that boho look and make a pair of bell bottom jeans.

2. Sew an Apron Top

Apron Top
Rain Blanken
Apron tops are just fun. With an open back, they will keep you cool in the summer. The front, however, can be as long as you like, even down to your knees. You can quilt the front, use an old t-shirt, put on a patch...anything. The possibilities are endless and you don't need a pattern to do it. Just a few squares of fabric and some stitching.

3. Make a Hemp Necklace

Hemp Necklace
Rain Blanken
Once you know how to tie these a couple simple knots, you are on your way to making beautiful bracelets and necklaces.

4. Put Sidepanels in Pants

Side Panel Pants
Rain Blanken
Side seam inserts are an easy way to give a pair of pants some personality. You can cut up your old Star Wars sheets, buy a celestial pattern fabric, or patch together cloth scraps to make your panels. You can also use side panels to make a waistline bigger.

5. Make an A-Line Skirt

A-Line Skirt
Rain Blanken
No patterns required. This flowing skirt is a breeze to make! No sewing experience is needed, this is a great beginner project. It is also completely customizable, so seasoned DIY seamstresses can add their own flair.

6. Tie Dye a Shirt

Tie Dye Shirt
Rain Blanken
Feelin’ groovy? You will be in no time; wearing a tie-dyed shirt you made yourself. In tie dye, you aren’t just limited to t-shirts. You can tie-dye socks, shorts…even underwear. Tie dye is a fun party project that can be completed outside in the summer, or indoors. Follow these steps to get in on the boho trend without spending the bucks.

7. Add an Applique Patch

Fairy Applique
Rain Blanken
'Applique' is when you apply one or more patches to make a picture. Add some flair to your jeans with some cute heart patches. This is a simple kind of applique technique that takes just minutes to complete.

8. How to Fold a Bandanna on Your Head

Fold a Bandanna on Your Head
Rain Blanken
Keep cool in the heat or just look cool all year round. All you need is a handkerchief or bandanna.

9. Recycle a T-Shirt into a Tank Top

T-Shirt Tank Top
Rain Blanken
Learn how to make a t-shirt into a tank top. We all seem to run into the same problem; T-shirts that have our favorite band, Captain Jack Sparrow, or ‘I’m With Stupid’ printed on them, but are just too big to wear. Who decided all cool t-shirts should only be worn by guys? Before you surrender your favorite tees to your boyfriend or brother, try this no-sew trick on for size.

10. Patchwork Drawstring Backpack

Drawstring Backpack
Debbie Colgrove
Here's a free pattern for a simple drawstring back pack. This backpack is small and easy to carry. Pack it full of goodies and go for a hike. I suggest patching together material before your start sewing.

12. Origins of Hippie Patchwork Clothing

Patchwork Pants by Rain
Rain Blanken
Crafting these laid back clothes has taken hippie stitchers to new heights as they explore the worlds of appliqué, natural fibers, and embroidery. Learn more about the hippie stitchin community and what made them so crafty in the first place.

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