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Download free stencils here for screen printing, spray painting and applique.

Printable stencils and what to do with them.


Free printable stencils and instructions on how to spray paint, screen print and sew them as patches.

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1. Hundreds of Free Stencils for All Occassions

Obama Stencils
Rain Blanken
Just for you, a library of stencils with everything from zodiac shapes to seasonal favorites. use these for all of your screen printing, spray painting and appliqué projects.

2. How to Screen Print

Screen Print
Rain Blanken
Screen printing may sound complicated, but this easy at home method is a snap. Screen printing is a great way to print lots of shirts with the same design. Follow these step-by-step instructions and you'll be printing in no time.

3. How to Spray Paint a Shirt

Spray Paint Shirt
Rain Blanken
Use a simple stencil to give a shirt a professional screen printed look. This is a great beginners project to customizing your own clothing. Just follow these easy steps.

4. Sew a Patch

Sew a Patch
Rain Blanken
Add some flair to your jeans with some cute heart patches. This is a simple kind of applique technique that takes just minutes to complete. 'Applique' just means that you are using pieces of fabric to make your own patch shapes.

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