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Free Fairy Stencils

Free Fairy Stencils for Your DIY Projects


Fairies naturally make fantastic appliques because they can be any color or style. You can pair them with moons, astrological symbols, leaves...anything. Use these fairy stencils for patches, spray painting, screen printing and more.

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Fairy in Flight

Fairy Applique
Rain Blanken
This fairy wears a simple dress and has large butterfly wings. I have used a pattern like this to make a lunar fairy with a crescent moon nearby. Use a small satin stitch on the legs, head and arms. You can change up the spots on the wings to any sort of shapes, and use ribbon instead of stitching the antennae.

Simple Butterfly Fairy

Simple Butterfly Fairy
Rain Blanken
This fairy uses very simple shapes, so it's great for a beginner. Change up the shapes on the wings to whatever you fancy. I have done this fairy with a black and red theme, adding spades, clubs and hearts on the wings. This one has a lot of possibilities.

Dragonfly Fairy

Dragonfly Fairy Applique
Rain Blanken
This is a playful fairy that can add some action to a square tote bag or hoodie pocket. Dragonfly fairies look best in cool hues, especially with a cute pattern on her dress. Stitch the veins onto the wings with a coordinating thread, or use ribbon to trim.

Cherries Jubilee

Cherry Fairy
Rain Blanken
The cherry on this applique helps to illustrate the size of the fairy. Use this idea as a springboard to make your own fruit and fairy applique patterns.

Goddess Fairy

Goddess Fairy Applique
Rain Blanken
In this Goddess symbol, we are using crescent moon shapes as the wings. Since this is such a simple design, it's great for beginners. For more advanced stitcher, you can have fun embellishing this applique with additional moon and star appliques.

Fire Fairy

Fire Fairy Applique
Rain Blanken
This spicy fairy has wings of fire and hair to match. I like to use a shimmery or metallic fabric for fire fairy wings, and it's a good idea to keep to warm colors of thread. For the dress, you can shake up the colors or try different shades of the same color.

Sitting Fairy

Sitting Fairy
Rain Blanken
This is a cute fairy that has simple, pointed wings. I like to applique this one at the end of a rainbow for a super-happy theme, or next to a rose to compare her size. Try putting her at the bottom of a pocket to make her look like she's just hanging out.

Astrological Symbols for Your Fairies

Zodiac Stencils
Rain Blanken
Adding a zodiac symbol to your clothes is a great way to customize. These look great spray painted in various sizes, screen printed to a hoodie, or patched in a fabric that contrasts with your clothing.

Free Stencil Library

Heart Patch Stencil
Rain Blanken
Holidays, hearts, stars and insects. See more stencils in our free library.

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