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Free Simple Shapes for your Applique Patches, Screen Printing or Spray Painting

Free stencils to print and use.


Simple shapes for spray paint and screen print projects, free to print. You can also make your own patches, or appliqué, out of any scrap fabric. With appliqués, I suggest using a sewing machine on a close satin stitch to make patches and appliqué's that will stay secure.

If you don't have a sewing machine, then try using an iron-on adhesive fabric underneath your patches before you sew the edges. This adhesive fabric is called 'fusible web' and is available at any sewing or craft store.

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Heart Stencils

Heart Stencils
Rain Blanken
These printable heart stencils are perfect for making a patch, screen printing a shirt, or even spray painting a jewelry box.

Astrological Symbols

Free Zodiac Stencils
Adding a zodiac symbol to your clothes is a great way to customize. These look great spray painted in various sizes, screen printed to a hoodie, or patched in a fabric that contrasts with your clothing.

Religious and Expressive Stencils

Free Pirate Stencil
Pirate crossbones, yin-yangs, bombs, flowers, the cross, ohm symbol and more. These are fun and meaningful symbols that will tell a bit about who you are.

Fairy Patch Patterns

fairy patches
Rain Blanken
Fairies naturally make fantastic appliques because they can be any color or style. You can pair them with moons, astrological symbols, leaves...anything. Try these fairy appliques on your next project.

Butterfly Patch

Butterfly Patch
Rain Blanken
This is a basic butterfly. Try using different shapes to make the spots on the wings. I've included a few ovals here, but you can layer as many different wing decorations as you like. Buttons especially look cute on wings, as well as ribbon.


Star Patch
This star is about 3" big. You can resize it however you like in your paint program and print a few in different sizes. I've used a few of these in a yellow fabric to trail down the leg of a pair of jeans. Use multicolored stars for a Rainbow Brite effect.

Dragonfly Patch

dragonfly patch
rain blanken
A dragonfly is less girlie or commercialized as the butterfly, and goes really well with calmer hues of blue and green. You can stitch veins onto the wings to give it a customized touch.


Are you with stupid? Arrow patches come in handy to point out all sorts of obvious things. I have seen them used to scandalously point at body parts, or as a simple decorative tool.

I have used a large rainbow arrow patch and ribbon together to make a firecracker look. Find some glittery ribbon to sew in short strips around the arrow, then add some star buttons. This looks especially cool crawling up the side of a skirt.

'No' Sign

You can finally buy a pro-smoking t-shirt, because with this 'NO' sign, you can cross out anything. Cross out the rival team or that band you hate. Even print your brother's face out on an iron-on, put him on a t-shirt, and cross him out, too. Now you don't have to agree with anybody.

This patch requires some additional sewing because of the cut-outs in the middle. Be sure that this one is laid out nicely on your fabric before you begin to sew to prevent it from bunching in places.

Royal Crown

crown patch
rain blanken
I love crowns because they make me think of a deck of cards and games of chance. You can change the red fabric on this crown to any color; pink is especially popular among young girls. This one is so customizable because you can trim it up with jeweled buttons or metallic ribbon.

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