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Easy Applique Patterns for Beginners


These applique patterns are simple enough for any beginner. Learn how to piece together a picture using a few different patches of material.

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Simple Butterfly

Butterfly Applique
Rain Blanken
This is a basic butterfly. Try using different shapes to make the spots on the wings. I've included a few ovals here, but you can layer as many different wing decorations as you like. Buttons especially look cute on wings, as well as ribbon.

Broken Heart

Broken Heart Applique
Rain Blanken
This two-toned heart looks best in contrasting colors, or any color and black. This one can be made in any size, but I've made the pattern over-sized to make it easier to sew.


Dragonfly applique
Rain Blanken
A dragonfly is less girlie or commercialized as the butterfly, and goes really well with calmer hues of blue and green. You can stitch veins onto the wings to give it a customized touch.

Royal Crown

Crown Applique
Rain Blanken
I love crowns because they make me think of a deck of cards and games of chance. You can change the red fabric on this crown to any color; pink is especially popular among young girls. This one is so customizable because you can trim it up with jeweled buttons or metallic ribbon.

Fairy Appliques

Fairy Applique Patches
Rain Blanken
Fairy appliques are fun and so versatile. You can make lunar fairies, water fairies, fire fairies...a fairy for all occasions! Some of these are simple enough for a beginner to tackle, or challenge yourself with a more advanced piece.

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