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Free Patches and Applique Patterns

Free print-out shapes for patches and applique designs. Learn how to patch pants and add decorative appliques.

What is Applique?
What is applique? Explanation of what applique is and how to apply applique and patches to clothing.

DIY Applique Gallery
A DIY fashion gallery of applique designs.

Sew an Applique by Hand
Sew an appliqué by hand with good results by turning in the raw edges of the fabric to prevent fraying. Debbie Colgrove, your Guide to Sewing will show you how.

Library of Printable Stencils
Stencils for your spray paint, screen print and patch projects.

Easy Applique Patterns for Beginners
These applique patterns are simple enough for any beginner. Learn how to piece together a picture using a few different patches of material.

Free Simple Shapes for your Applique Patches
Make your own patches out of any fabric you have by using these free printable templates.

Bacon & Eggs Face Patches for Tote
Use a couple of egg and bacon patches to get this $10.00 tote for free. I have included free templates for the patches.

Sew a Heart Patch on Your Pants
Learn how to sew an applique heart patch onto your clothing with these easy step-by-step instructions.

Fairy Applique Patterns
Fairies naturally make fantastic appliques because they can be any color or style. You can pair them with moons, astrological symbols, leaves...anything. Try these fairy appliques on your next project.

Download free stencils here for screen printing, spray painti…
Just for you, a library of stencils with everything from zodiac shapes to seasonal favorites. use these for all of your screen printing, spray painting and appliqué projects.

Sew a Patch to Instantly Customize
Sew a patch to customize any clothing. Get free patch templates from your About.com guide to DIY Fashion.

No-Sew Patching
Learn about 'fusible web', a material that can be used to iron any two fabrics together. This is especially handy for patches and appliqué if you don't like to sew. Debbie Colgrove, your Guide to Sewing will show you how.

Obama Stencils to Spray Paint and Screen Print
A historic election on November 4th, 2008 brought an era of change to our country. Show your pride for Obama and celebrate his win with your own handmade Obama shirt. I've made these free stencils from scratch for you to use in your projects.

Where Can I Get Free Applique Templates?
A DIY Fashion reader asks where to get free applique templates.

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