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Handmade Events and Fairs

From renaissance fairs to comic book conventions, there are plenty of places to interact with fellow handmade fashion enthusiasts. Browse this directory of events to find handmade goodies near you.
  1. Convention Costuming (42)
  2. Handmade Fashion Fairs (6)
  3. Renaissance Festivals (89)

Cosplay at Anime and Comic Conventions
Cosplay or 'Costume Play' is popular practice at comic, manga and game conventions across the country. Cosplay costumes are custom items, and always made by hand. See what some outrageous DIY fashion creativity can do!

Annual Gothic Weekend
Photos of the Annual Gothic Weekend in Whitby, UK. This gallery features photos of the gothic fashion put on display each October at the Annual Gothic Weekend.

Wave Gothic Festival
Photos from the Wave Gothic Festival. This photo gallery features gothic fashion from the Wave Gothic Festival in Leipzig, Germany.

BUST Craftacular
A must-attend event for crafty chicks, this event has room for all tastes and etsy.com-style independent artists. If you only attend one craft event this year, make it this one.

Kumoricon Cosplay Photo Gallery
Costumes including Link, Cloud - Final Fantasy, P-Chan, Gabrielle, Gilder, Vash, Father Cat, Dynamic Duo, Cosplay Group, Pyramid Head. From your Guide to Comics.

WonderCon 2008 Photo Gallery
See photo highlights from this annual comic convention held in San Francisco, California at Moscone Center South. Our Guide to Manga has the photos here.

What is Cosplay?
A definition for cosplay, a term used when discussing anime and its fans. From your Guide to Anime.

2007 Comic Book Costume Contest
Each Halloween, our Guide to Comic Books holds a contest at his forum to decide who has the best costume. here are the winners for 2007.

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