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Poison Ivy Makeup


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Finish with Glitter and Leaves
Poison Ivy Makeup

Create leaves on the brow and add details.

Rain Blanken
Next we will create a leafy look on your brow with the orange makeup. Start at the inside of the brow. Paint an upward diagonal line to the midpoint of the brow.

Lift your brush and connect the top of your line to the brow with a quick downward stroke. From the point where your last stroke connects with the brow, make another upward diagonal line, this time adding a curve to the end. Connect this line to the brow with a curved line.

Don't worry if you make a mistake with your leafy brow...you will fill it in with orange, so any minor mistakes can be covered.

After you have filled in your leaf, outline it with black. Looks great! Now you can add glitter and any Poison Ivy details you want like tiny flowers dripping down your cheek or small leaves on the vines. Check out the complete Poison Ivy Costume Tutorial for more botanical ideas.

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