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Poison Ivy Makeup


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Poison Ivy Makeup
Poison Ivy Makeup

Poison Ivy Eye Makeup

Rain Blanken
Poison Ivy is a sexy character that can look more than just green. In this photo tutorial, I've created a look for Poison Ivy that has worked for me in costume in the past. This is a mix of elements form the 'Batman Forever' Poison Ivy and the comic book Poison Ivy.

What You'll Need:

  • Black, green and orange face paint. Feel free to substitute the orange with pink, but orange will work better to bring out the red hair in the costume. I like to use Snazzaroo face paints, but soft makeup from any store will work. Halloween is the best time to find cheap face paint.

  • A soft sponge
  • A medium paint brush
  • A small cup of water.
  • (Optional) Glitter powder
Once you have all your materials, we can get started.

(Need help? Ask in the forum.)

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