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Intermediate Sewing Projects

Advance your sewing skills with these fun projects.


Here are some medium-difficulty sewing projects to advance your stitching know-how.

1. Add Side Panels to Pants

Side Panel Pants
Rain Blanken
Side seam inserts are an easy way to give a pair of pants some personality. You can cut up your old Star Wars sheets, buy a celestial pattern fabric, or patch together cloth scraps to make your panels. You can also use side panels to make a waistline bigger.

2. Make an Apron Top

Apron Top
Rain Blanken
Apron tops are just fun. With an open back, they will keep you cool in the summer. The front, however, can be as long as you like, even down to your knees. You can quilt the front, use an old t-shirt, put on a patch...anything. The possibilities are endless and you don't need a pattern to do it. Just a few squares of fabric and some stitching.

3. Turn Jeans into Bell Bottoms

Bell Bottom Panels
Rain Blanken
To add a little flare to your jeans, all you need is a bit of fabric and a few minutes of stitching. I'll show you how to get that boho look and make a pair of bell bottom jeans.

4. Turn two T-Shirts into a Grocery Tote

T-Shirt Tote Bag
Rain Blanken
There is nothing greener than getting your groceries in a reusable bag instead of plastic or paper. Well, actually, you could be even greener if said bag is made from upcycled t-shirts!

This reversible bag is big enough and strong enough to hold the chunkiest of soups and frozen TV dinners.

5. Turn a T-Shirt into a Jumper

T-Shirt Jumper
Rain Blanken
T-shirts are the most versatile piece of clothing you have in your closet. You can even turn a t-shirt into a dress with minimal sewing. This cute jumper-style dress is a cinch to make in just a few minutes with these easy instructions.

6. Turn Two T-Shirts into a Purse

T-Shirt Purse
Rain Blanken
You are two t-shirts away from this cute bag. Use t-shirts of contrasting colors, or different screen prints for an original look. There is a little bit of hand stitching, so this is a great project for those new to sewing.

7. Stitch a Corset Top

Corset Top
Rain Blanken
A corset top is a dramatic look that you can create in just a couple hours or so. How you use this top depends largely on the type of fabric you use. Try earthy colors for a fairy costume, dark and bold colors for a gothic look, and soft patterns for a spring top.

8. How to Make a Dress Bigger

Let Out a Dress
Rain Blanken
‘Letting out’ a dress means that you are going to make it bigger by using fabric from the seam. It is called ‘letting out’ because you are ‘letting’ the fabric ‘out’ of the seam. Seams are the leftover fabric on the other side of the stitching that holds a garment together. Follow these simple instructions to adjust a dress that fits too tightly.

9. How to Make a Dress Smaller

Take in a Dress
Rain Blanken
Sometimes that perfect dress isn't the perfect size. You don't have to be a professional seamstress to fix this problem. Adjust a dress that is too large with these easy instructions.

10. No-Sew Clothing

Craft a No-Sew Wrap
Rain Blanken
You don't need stitching skills to make these fun and easy fashions. Here are more than 20 no-sew clothes and accessories.

11. Beginner Sewing Projects

Beginner Sewing Projects
Rain Blanken
Maybe the intermediate level isn't for you? Take a step back and experiment instead with these starter sewing projects.

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