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Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Learn to sew while you expand your wardrobe.


Picking up a needle for the first time can be intimidating. I'm here to let you know that sewing isn't all that difficult, and with a few stitches you can make some great styles. Here are some easy sewing projects for the first-timers out there.

1. Pillowcase Skirt

Pillowcase Skirt
Rain Blanken
Recycle a pillowcase to make a sweet skirt. This is the easiest skirt to make because it's practically already made for you. The top of the pillowcase already has a drawstring casing and the sides are already sewn.

2. Transform Jeans into a Purse

Turn Jeans into a Purse
Rain Blanken
This popular bag is made from the booty of a pair of jeans. Known as the ‘booty bag’, it already comes with lots of pockets to hold just about everything. This is a great way to recycle old pants or shorts into something new and chic. Follow these simple directions to make your own ‘booty bag’.

3. Make a Fleece Anime Hat

Fleece Anime Hat
Rain Blanken
Anime hats are cute ways to keep your head warm. There are so many different faces and expressions to make, your hat is sure to look original.

4. Video: Make Mittens from a Sweater

Sweater Mittens
Rain Blanken
An old wool sweater is a terrible thing to waste. Why not turn it into a pair of mittens you can design any way you want? Find out how to make a cozy pair of mittens in a snap.

5. Turn a Sock into a Wristband

Sock Wristband
Rain Blanken
Socks get holes in them all the time. They also have a great ability to lose their match. Making a wristband puts these lone and torn socks to good use.

6. Stitch a Halter Top

T-Shirt Halter Top
Rain Blanken
How do you make a halter top? Just take your t-shirt to a daring new level. This halter top gives your shirt a more feminine shape, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

7. Upcycle a Placemat Purse

Place mat Purse
Rain Blanken
There are so many cute cloth placemats at the thrift store that don't quite complete a full set. Put these to good use. Making a purse out of a placemat takes just a few minutes.

8. Hem Pants to Make Capri's

Hem Pants into Capri's
Rain Blanken
These capri’s are so simple to make, you may never buy another pair. Minimal sewing experience is required for this project.

9. No Sew Clothing

T-Shirt Tank Top
Rain Blanken
You don't need stitching skills to make these fun and easy fashions. Turn a T-shirt into a tank top, craft cozy wrap, make fingerless gloves from a pair of sleeves and more.

10. Intermediate Level Sewing Projects

Intermediate Sewing Projects
Rain Blanken
After you've conquered some of these beginner projects, it's time to take your stitching skills to the next level with these intermediate projects.
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