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70s Sewing Patterns

Create vintage pieces with these 70's Sewing Patterns.


The days of disco don't have to die, as long as you're recreating some of those flashy 70's styles with these sewing patterns. I've reviewed some of the most complete collections of patterns on the web so that you can get the right style for the right price.

1. $3.00 Patterns at Best Vintage Patterns

70's Teen Clothing
Best Vintage Patterns
Okay, is there anything better than vintage factory folded patterns for $3 a pop? Best Vintage Patterns around 30 vintage 70's patterns available on the cheap.

2. Variety at The Rusty Zipper

70's Patterns
The Rusty Zipper
The Rusty Zipper most likely has the pattern you are looking for, and the prices aren't too bad. Use the search bar to get specific on what you want, because they have a multitude of patterns at this online store.

3. Calculate Shipping at Abracadabra Vintage Clothing

70's Clothes Patterns
Abracadabra Vintage Clothing
You are likely to find the 70's look at Abracadabra Vintage Clothing. There are only about thirty 70's sewing patterns listed at a time, but they are typical of the era. This site also has good tools, with a shipping calculator and dollar converter at your fingertips.

4. Fabric Up to 65% Off

Inexpensive Fabrics
Fabric.com is one of my favorite places to score dress fabric because you can get a lot of it at a cheap price. The site has oodles of info about the fabrics, with lots of patterns and types to choose from.

I highly recommend scoring your fabric for cheap, especially since shipping is free on all orders over $35.00.

5. Categories of Patterns at Lulu's Vintage

70's Pants Pattern
Lulu's Vintage
Lulu has sorted her site into different types of patterns from the 70's, so be sure to check under the 'Misc' menu to the right. This link will take you to the skirts and pants patterns, which are all very nicely priced around and under the $10 mark.

6. Decent Price and Selection at Scissor Happy

70's Patterns
At Scissor Happy, there is a good variety of patterns, but the 1970's patterns are lumped into a '70's and Later' category, here. With a little sifting and an eye for what you are looking for, I think you'll be able to sort through the 80's looks to find your 70's style. The prices are also decent here, and they run regular $5 sales.

7. Just About Any Pattern at Mom's Patterns

70's Poncho Pattern
Mom's Patterns
The last search I did here brought up over 300 patterns from the 70's. They are all in varying condition, and you can even browse by brand instead. Most patterns are under $10.00, too, so this one is definitely worth bookmarking.

8. Sift through Patterns from the Past

Teen's 70's Patterns
Patterns from the Past
This is not the easiest site to navigate, but if you can sift through the 'master list' of patterns, then you'll find 70's styles sorted by manufacturer. They are decently priced and vary in condition.

9. Vintage Patterns from the 50's, 60's and More

Mod 60's Clothes
Moms Patterns
For all you time travelers, here is a comprehensive list of some of the best vintage pattern sites on the web. I've done the homework to find out which sites are offering the best variety, quality and cheapest deals in vintage patterns.

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