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What is a Buttonhole Stitch?


Buttonhole Stitch

Buttonhole Stitch

Rain Blanken

Question: What is a Buttonhole Stitch?

"I have been told that I need to use a 'buttonhole stitch' to properly sew buttonholes. Please tell me how to hand sew one of these stitches."

Answer: A buttonhole stitch is used to trim the raw edges of fabric to secure the edges of a button hole. Without using a buttonhole stitch, the fabric will likely tear and unravel. At the right, we are showing a tailor's buttonhole stitch, which creates a knot strong enough to prevent unraveling, even if another knot is cut.

Another buttonhole stitch is also called a blanket stitch, which is a simplified version of the tailor's buttonhole stitch.

For further instruction, here is a step-by-step photo tutorial on hand-sewing a buttonhole stitch from our Guide to Sewing.

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