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Make a Pair of Snowman Earrings


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Make a Pair of Snowman Earrings
Snowman Earrings

Snowman Earrings

Rain Blanken
If you're in a pinch for some holiday cheer upon your ears, then these simple seed bead earrings are just the holiday miracle you've been looking for. With just a little wire and a handful of beads, these can be made in just minutes.

What You'll Need:

  • Craft wire (scraps will work, you only need 6" for each earring.)
  • Seed beads. You'll need around 40 white seed beads and 3 black seed beads for each earring.
  • Jewelry pliers. You really need the rounded ends of a pair of jewelry pliers to get the curves and curls on these earrings. Jewelry pliers are available at any craft store.
  • Ear hooks. You can buy a pack of these at the jewelry store, or even make your own with a bit of wire.

    Once you've gathered your materials, let's get started.

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