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St. Patricks Day Stencils

Use these St. Patrick's Day stencils for spray paint, patch and screen printing.


St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays because as a red head, I often get free drinks. Oh, wait, there's the crafting, too. Rainbows and clovers are featured in these fun holiday stencils.


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1. Super Lucky

Rain Blanken
These stencils were fun to make because I love anything that has to do with luck and pretty rainbows. Sometimes I'm such a girl. This stencil has 9 pieces that you can layer together to create a lucky design.

When you are assembling the rainbow, take note that I've added a slight bleed to the insides of the bows, except the purple one, which should be applied last. This extra color is to ensure that there is no white space between the bows if spray-painting or screen printing. Also, this makes it easier to apply the bows as an applique patch, as the pieces will be fitted on top of each other.

2. Leprechaun Stencil

Leprechaun Stencil
Rain Blanken
I used to think that Leprechauns were ugly and well, a little creepy. But then as a Preschool teacher, I pretended with the children that a Leprechaun kept sneaking in the room and leaving treats at nap time. Hey, maybe they aren't so bad after all.

This Leprechaun stencil has 14 easily assembled pieces.

3. Jackpot Stencil

Pot of Gold Stencil
Rain Blanken
So, perhaps I'm a little obsessed with the idea of a pot of gold being at the end of a rainbow. Rainbows are cool enough, but the prospect of money sitting at the end of them just turns me into a complete dreamer.

Turn up your luck with this 10 piece stencil.

4. Simple Clovers

Clover Stencil
Rain Blanken
You just can't go wrong with a few clovers around St. Patty's Day.

5. Smells like Gold

I added this stencil because it is more simple to assemble than the other pot of gold/rainbow stencils here. This is because each color of the rainbow is made of the same wavy line shape, just re-used in different colors.

6. Follow the Rainbow

Rainbow Stencil
Rain Blanken
For this one, the rainbow is more of a traditional bow shape and we've got a cloud on the other end. I like this design because a name or other print can be put on the cloud. This stencil is 9 pieces.

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