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Free Stencils for Spray Paint, Screen Print, or Patch Projects

Print these shapes for your next big project.


Free and easy stencils for your screen printed, spray painted or appliqué creations. This is a collection of basic shapes that should be easy to cut, spray or sew for beginners.

  • To use the stencils, click on the thumbnail to see the full size image. Right click on the full size image and select 'Save Picture As'. Save the image to your desktop, then open the image in an image viewer to print.

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1. Heart Stencils

Heart Stencils
Rain Blanken
These printable heart stencils are perfect for making a patch, screen printing a shirt, or even spray painting a jewelry box.

2. Astrological Symbols

Twelve astrological symbols for you to screen print. Add a personal touch to a t-shirt by adding your own starry symbol.

3. Basic Shapes

Star patch
Your Lucky Charms favorites, and then some. Get templates for a star, heart, arrow, smiley face, cross-out, explosion and more. These are the easiest shapes to spray paint, appliqué, or screen print.

4. Cross

This timeless symbol is a great project for children or for church funtion t-shirts.

5. Pirate Crossbones

Pirate Skull and Crossbones
Avast ye scurvy dogs! Use this pirate stencil and get into the buccaneer spirit! Yarrr!

6. Ohm Symbol

The Hindu Ohm evokes peace and mindfulness. Sporting this symbol of meditation will clue everyone in to your mellow nature.

7. Bomb!

Cartoon Bomb
Show off your explosive personality. This cartoon image is sure to spark a few conversations.

8. Sun

This sun has an empty circle where you can write someone's name, add a team number, add a face, or create your own original design.

9. Moon and Star

Moon and Star
Try a celestial print with this simple moon and star combination.

10. Yin Yang

Yin Yang
This is a simple zen symbol that represents balance.

11. Hawaiian Flower

This cute Hawaiian flower can be printed in bright colors to add a tropical twist. This image can be printed, then names added under the flower to customize each printed shirt.
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