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Library of Printable Stencils

Printable stencils to make your projects a snap.


Stencils for your spray paint, screen print and patch projects.

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1. Heart Stencils

rainbow Hearts
Rain Blanken

These printable heart stencils are perfect for making a patch, screen printing a shirt, or even spray painting a jewelry box.

3. Religious and Expressive Stencils

Rain Blanken

Free and easy stencils for your screen printed, spray painted or appliqué creations. This is a collection of basic shapes that should be easy to cut, spray or sew for beginners.

4. Basic Shapes

Dragonfly Stencil
Rain Blanken

Basic Shapes include:

  • Arrow
  • Smiley Face
  • Pow!
  • Heart
  • Star
  • Butterfly
  • Dragonfly
  • Crown

5. Astrological Stencils

Cancer Stencil
Rain Blanken
Adding a zodiac symbol to your clothes is a great way to customize. These look great spray painted in various sizes, screen printed to a hoodie, or patched in a fabric that contrasts with your clothing.

6. Fairy Stencils

Fire Fairy
Rain Blanken
Fairies naturally make fantastic patches or paint projects because they can be any color or style. You can pair them with moons, astrological symbols, leaves...anything. Try these fairy appliques on your next project.

7. Animal Stencils

Animal Stencils to Try:

9. Ocean Life

Our Guide to Painting has made a set of sea stencils for you to try, including basic dolphins, fish and starfish.

10. Letters and Numbers

Our Guide to Painting has posted a couple of different alphabets and a set of numbers for you to try, as well as some key phrases such as 'Welcome Home'.

11. Presidential Stencils

Obama Stencils
Rain Blanken

Show your pride for our 44th president with your own handmade Obama shirt. I've made these free stencils from scratch for you to use in your projects.

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