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Free Stencils for Spray Paint, Screen Print, or Patch Projects


Free and easy stencils for your screen printed, spray painted or appliqué creations. This is a collection of Christmas trees that should be easy to cut, spray or sew for beginners.

  • To use the stencils, click on the thumbnail to see the full size image. Right click on the full size image and select 'Save Picture As'. Save the image to your desktop, then open the image in an image viewer to print.

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1. The Charlie Brown Tree

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Stencil
Rain Blanken
Proof that a little love and a lot of garlands can go a long way. Recreate this lovable little tree with this 5 piece stencil.

2. Snowy Fir Tree

Christmas Tree Stencil
Rain Blanken
For a tree with less Christmas and more of a simple winter theme, try this simple 2 piece snowy tree. For the snow, dust with glitter or white puffy paint. You can also cut blocks of white fabric or felt.

3. Traditional Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Stencil
Rain Blanken
This is a fun project for tacky holiday sweaters or sparkling tapestries. Print this easy tree and decorate it with a variety of fabric ornaments or a variety of sequins, paint, glitter and trimmings.

4. More Christmas Stencils

Snowflake Stencil
Marion Boddy-Evans
Get free printable snowflakes, Wise Men, reindeer and more from our Guide to Painting.

5. Library of Free Stencils

Heart Stencils
Rain Blanken
Basic shapes, pots of gold, religious expression... visit our library of printable stencils to help you with your crafty projects.

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