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How to Dye Nylon


Acid Dye Protein Fibers

A hot bath of acid dye is used to dye wool yarn.

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Question: How to Dye Nylon
"I have a pair of nylon tights that I would like to dye. Is this possible?"
Answer: Nylon can by dyed with an acid dye, just like protein fibers (such as wool and cashmere).

Before using an acid dye (More about acid dyes and where to find them), soak your material in 1/2 water/vinegar solution for at least an hour.

After that you will be adding dye to water and heating the mixture in some way. The following is a list of a few different ways to use acid dye. Most tutorials involving acid dye are about dying yarn, but the same method can apply to dying nylon tights and stockings.

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