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Can I Dye Clothes With Food Coloring?


Protein fibers

Protein fibers are any fiber derived from animals.

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Question: Can I Dye Clothes With Food Coloring?
"I have a scarf and some food coloring. Will this end well?"
Answer: The answer depends on what your scarf is made of. Food coloring will work great as an acidic dye, but these well really only work well on protein fibers- those that have been derived from animals, like wool and angora. [List of Protein Fibers]

If you have a plant-based (cellulose) fiber like cotton, linen or rayon; then your best bet is to use a fiber reactive dye, like those found in tie dye kits. These are cheap and easy to apply using cold water, so trying to use food coloring instead just doesn't make much sense. More Questions About Dyeing Clothing

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