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50's Dress Patterns

Vintage Dress Patterns from the 1950's.


Sock hops, record players and dialing that rotary phone. The 1950's had a special charm, and part of that vision is the modest dresses that were popular in the day. Here are some resources so you can get your hands on a 50's dress pattern and experience your own Pleasantville.

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1. Great Selection at Scissorhappy

50's Dress Patterns
Scissorhappy has a multitude of vintage patterns from the 50's. This is the #1 source that I could find for selection and price.

2. Marilyn Monroe Dress from Patterns of Time

50's Dress Patterns
Patterns of Time, Inc.
A lot of stitchers who are looking for a 50's dress are inevitably beating around the bush, in pursuit of a Marilyn Monroe style of dress like this one. If you are going for the Marilyn look, this $18.00 pattern from Patterns of Time is a good bet.

3. Click Around at Patterns from the Past

50's Dress Patterns
Patterns from the Past is a site that has around ten 1950's patterns at a time in each pattern manufacturer. You have to click around a lot on their 'master list' in order to see dress patterns from Advance, McCalls, Butterick and more.

They do accurately describe the condition of the pattern and offer styles that are very typical of the era for a great price.

4. Multitudes of Pricey Patterns at So Vintage

50's Dress Patterns
If you are looking for the widest selection without regard to price, then So Vintage is a good spot to check. Here you can find just about any dress pattern from the 1950's, but they are often priced at $28.00 to $75.00. I love browsing here for ideas and inspiration.

5. Get Fabrics for Up to 65% Off

50's Dress Patterns

Fabric.com is one of my favorite places to score dress fabric because you can get a lot of it at a cheap price. The site has oodles of info about the fabrics, with lots of patterns and types to choose from.

I highly recommend scoring your fabric for cheap, especially since shipping is free on all orders over $35.00.

6. The Few and the Proud at Lulu's Vintage

50's Dress Patterns
Lulu's Vintage
Lulu's Vintage usually only has a few 50's dress patterns up at a time, but they are moderately priced and come with Lulu's personal touch. Lulu has a frequently updated blog at her site and her email address is available if you have any special concerns or requests.

7. Custom Pattern Search at The Rusty Zipper

50's Dress Patterns
The Rusty Zipper
What I love about the Rusty Zipper site is that you can do a search in your own size when hunting down a pattern. A search for '50's Dress Patterns' reaps about 80 results, which hover around $20.00 in price. If you are looking for something specific and moderately priced, this is the site to consult.

8. Fairly Cheap and Plentiful at Abracadabra Vintage

50's Dress Patterns
Abracadabra Vintage Clothing
While there aren't as many patterns here as some of the other sites (around 20 when I looked), I saw a few 1950's patterns on Abracadabra Vintage for as little as $12.00. They do charge more for the typical 'poodle skirt' patterns, but I think this is still a good spot to check for deals.

9. The Cheapest: Best Vintage Patterns

50's Dress Patterns
Best Vintage Patterns
Best Vintage Patterns had just around 30 dress patterns from the 1950's when I checked, but you just can't beat their prices. $6.00 a pattern for some of the most popular styles of 1950's dresses.

10. Vintage Patterns from the 60's, 70's and More

60's Mod Dress
Abracadabra Vintage Clothing
For all you time travelers, here is a comprehensive list of some of the best vintage pattern sites on the web. I've done the homework to find out which sites are offering the best variety, quality and cheapest deals in vintage patterns.
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