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How to Make a T-Shirt into a Tank Top


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Making Holes
Make a T-Shirt into a Tank Top

Make holes down the side

Rain Blanken
First, put your funny apron creation on and dance around the room. When you’re done, look in a mirror and estimate how large you want the arm holes. If you start lacing right where the bottom of the sleeves used to be, then you will end up with really large arm holes. This is great for hot summer days, but if you have shy armpits, you may want to start lacing an inch or two higher. Pinch the sides of the shirt together under your arm and decide if you should start lacing a bit higher. When you find the right spot, mark it with chalk. Don’t go higher than a couple inches from the bottom of the sleeve or it will be too tight!

Take off the t-shirt and lay it on the floor once more, lining up the front and back edges where you cut. Fold it in half armhole-to-armhole and make sure that your chalk marks are even. If one is off a half inch or so, don’t sweat it, just adjust it to match the other one. Unfold the shirt again so that it is laying flat on the floor.

If you are using a pair of scissors for this step, you’ll need to be careful that you don’t poke yourself. When you make holes, don’t stab through the fabric, instead cut little 1/8” slits through both sides of the fabric. Start your first cut on your chalk line and finish up at the bottom, making your slits one to two inches apart.

(Optional) Grommet Punch: If you chose to use a grommet punch, then this step is going to take a matter of seconds. Grommet punches are cheap and can be found at the craft store or your local Wal-Mart. Start at your chalk mark and use your grommet punch to make holes either an inch or two inches apart all the way to the bottom. Make sure you are punching through both the front and back of the shirt.

Once your holes are in place, you can start to lace up the sides.

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