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Make a Corset Top


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Make a Corset Top: What You'll Need
How to Make a Corset Top

Make a Corset Top

Rain Blanken
A corset top is a dramatic look that you can create in just a couple hours or so. How you use this top depends largely on the type of fabric you use. Try earthy colors for a fairy costume, dark and bold colors for a gothic look, and soft patterns for a spring top.


  • What You'll Need:
  • Two colors of fabric. Preferably, one should have a pattern, and the other a solid color. See the next step about how to measure your body to see how much fabric you will need.
  • Scissors [recommended scissors]
  • measuring tape
  • thin satin ribbon or sheer fabric
  • a grommet punch and grommets
  • any extras like lace, more ribbon or patches

First, lets measure, cut and stitch the panels.

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