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Make Tops and Shirts

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own DIY tops for all seasons.
  1. Dying and Screen Printing
  2. Add Patches and Appliques

How to Distress a Sweater
Learn how to destroy a sweater by carefully picking at the seams for a deliberately deconstructed look.

T-Shirt Transformations
Show Us Your T-Shirt Surgery Projects. Upload a photo and tell us all about how you made your t-shirt into something more fabulous and new.

Make a Baby Doll Shirt - T-Shirt Surgery
Make a Baby Doll Shirt. Turn a T-Shirt into a baby doll shirt with this photo tutorial. Baby doll shirts are easy to make with the right instructions.

T-Shirt Transformations
T-Shirt Transformation. Have you ever turned a t-shirt into something new? Share you t-shirt transformation stories with us.

Free Shirt Patterns
Shirts can be tricky to make without a pattern. Good thing that there are plenty of free patterns all over the internet. I've done the homework for you with this list of some of the best free shirt patterns and tutorials.

How-To Dog Shirt
How-To Dog Shirt. Learn how to make a dog shirt out of a sleeve with this photo tutorial.

How-To Duct Tape Dress: Create a Duct Tape Prom Dress Pattern
How To Duct Tape Dress. Lear how to make a duct tape prom dress with this complete photo tutorial.

How to Make an Apron Top
Follow these instructions to make a basic apron top. This is an easy project for anyone to try.

Make a Corset Top
Make a corset top. Learn how to make a corset style top with these step-by-step instructions.

How to Make a T-Shirt into a Tank Top
Use these no-sew instructions to make your t-shirt into a fitted tank top.

Turn a T-Shirt into a Halter Top
Turn a t-shirt into a halter top with this complete photo tutorial from DIY Fashion Expert, Rain Blanken.

Home Screen Printing: How to Screen Print T-Shirts
Learn how to screen print t-shirts. Follow this complete photo tutorial to screen print at home.

T-Shirt Surgery
T-Shirt Surgery at it's best. Learn how to make your t-shirt fit better, turn it into a different kind of top, make it into a purse and more. It's time to start wearing those old t-shirts again.

Spray Painted T-shirt
Use these step-by-step instructions to make a t-shirt look like it was professionally screen printed.

Turn a Shirt into a Wrap
Turn a button-down shirt into a wrap with these easy step-by-step instructions.

How Can I Make My T-Shirt Fit Better?
Step-by-step how-to make your t-shirt fit better.

Create Iron-on Transfers
Tips for creating wearable art with your inkjet printer.

Fabric Paint And Applique Tee Shirt
An example of ways to combine different embellishment techniques for true creativity.

How-To Tie Dye Instructions
Tie dye is one of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to your summer wardrobe. Learn how to tie dye with this photo tutorial and tie dye instructions.

Dressed Up Sweat Shirt
Here's a project that will convert a plain sweat shirt to something special. Also a great way to eliminate a stain with out eliminating the sweat shirt.

Turn a T-Shirt into a Tube Top
Learn how to make a tube top using nothing more than your favorite worn-out t-shirt with this complete photo tutorial designed by Rain Blanken.

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