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How to Turn a T-Shirt into a Skirt


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How to Turn a T-Shirt into a Skirt
How to Turn a T-Shirt into a Skirt

DIY T-shirt Skirt Tutorial

Rain Blanken

In this tutorial, we will learn how to turn a t-shirt into a skirt. With this t-shirt skirt, the collar and sleeve seams are left intact as well as logos close to the neckline. It is also longer than most t-shirt skirts and uses the bottom hem of the t-shirt as a drawstring casing to minimize sewing!

What You'll Need:

  • A large t-shirt. It needs to be long enough to be used as a skirt.
  • scissors [recommended scissors]
  • chalk
  • straight pins
  • A shoestring or ribbon to use as a drawstring
  • safety pin
  • sewing kit or machine
Once you have all your materials handy, let's get started.

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