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How-to Make Pants

Learn how to make pants with these complete tutorials.


Give your pants new style with these complete photo instructions.

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1. Make a Pair of Drawstring Pants

How-to Pajama Pants
Digital Vision/Getty Images
Pants might seem like a great challenge, but they are actually pretty easy to make from scratch. The measurements are perfect when you use a pair of pants that fit you as a pattern.

2. How to Put Side Panels in Pants

Side Panel Pants
Rain Blanken
Side seam inserts are an easy way to give a pair of pants some personality. You can cut up your old Star Wars sheets, buy a celestial pattern fabric, or patch together cloth scraps to make your panels. You can also use side panels to make a waistline bigger.

3. How-to Bellbottoms

How-to Bellbottoms
Rain Blanken
To add a little flare to your jeans, all you need is a bit of fabric and a few minutes of stitching. I'll show you how to get that boho look and make a pair of bell bottom jeans.

4. How to Make Your Jeans Look Worn

Worn Jeans
Rain Blanken
Sometimes a pair of jeans just look too perfect to suit your style. Use this easy method to cheat time and make your jeans look fashionably worn.

5. How to Army Camo Bleach Pants

Army Camo Jeans
Rain Blanken
This is a great DIY project for beginners. You can turn a pair of jeans into Army camo pants in just a couple of easy steps.

6. Turn Pants into Capri's

Capri Pants
Rain Blanken
These capri’s are so simple to make, you may never buy another pair. Minimal sewing experience is required for this project.

7. How to Hem Pants

Hem Pants
Rain Blanken
When it comes to pants, it’s all about the fit. You may have a pair of pants that look great on the booty, but are too long or short for your legs. Hemming pants is so easy that leg length should never stand between you and a hot pair of pants. If you can hem pants, then you’ve got the advantage every time you hit the dressing room.

8. Add Beaded Fringe to Pants

Beaded Pants
Rain Blanken
Get a cute beaded look. Learn how to trim the bottoms of your pants with beaded fringe with these easy step-by-step instructions.

9. Sew an MP3 Pocket on Your Jeans

MP3 Pocket
Rain Blanken
Sew an easy pocket on to any pair of your favorite jeans so you can carry your mp3 player around in style.

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