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Make Paper Jewelry

Create a jewelry box full of paper treasures.


Sometimes jewelry tutorials call for exotic shells or dichromatic glass pieces. If you are looking for something a little more accessible to feed your craft needs, try paper. It is readily available, can be stamped or purchased in scrapbook stores, and is endlessly customizable.

1. Decoupage Bracelet

Decoupage a Bracelet
Rain Blanken

A scrap calendar or magazine with your favorite star can be reused to create a decoupage bracelet. Just use an old, plain cuff and a bit of Mod Podge to create a new, customized look. I'll show you how.

2. Paint Sample Bracelet

Paint Sample Bracelets
Rain Blanken

After you've decided on a paint for the room, the samples are always left over. Let's put them to good use to create a colorful bracelet.

3. Rolled Paper Earrings

Paper Bead Earrings
Rain Blanken

Rolled paper beads are an easy craft that can turn colorful magazine pages or scrapbook paper into dazzling accessories. Here, we learn how to turn rolled paper beads into earrings using just paper and... what else? A paper clip.

4. Origami Paper Bracelet

origami bracelet
Rain Blanken

These paper bracelets take only a few seconds to make. They are great instant accessories for a casual outfit.

5. Paper Flower Earrings

Paper Flower Earrings
Kate Pullen

Learn how to make paper flowers from our Guide to Rubber Stamping, Kate Pullen. Then, hot glue a tiny stud at the back of each paper flower. Voila... Earrings!

6. More Decoupage Jewelry Projects

Decoupage Jewelry Projects
Rain Blanken
Learn how to make decoupage jewelry and boxes to keep it all in. You can have your favorite photos, characters, and magazine cut-outs in jewelry and on cases. Just follow these easy tutorials.

7. Junk Mail Paper Beads

Junk Mail Beads
Tammy Powley

These beads were made by our Guide to Jewelry Making by using a paper rolling tool, some old magazines and Mod Podge.

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