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Junk Drawer Jewelry


Use what you already have to make jewelry that always carries a funky look. Once you start making these easy bracelets and earrings, it's hard to stop. Try the following beginner projects to get you started on your own junk drawer jewelry.

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1. Soda Pop Tab Bracelet

Safety pins
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This soda tab bracelet is a great way to show off your resourcefulness and attitude toward recycling and reusing found objects. It is a great accessory for Earth Day and festivals or occasions that celebrate tab-collecting organizations like the Ronald McDonald House. Once it is finished, this bracelet is truly a durable and colorful accessory.

2. Safety Pin Bracelet

safety pin bracelet tutorial
Rain Blanken
Office jewelry doesn't always have to be kitschy. This safety pin bracelet looks like a meticulously beaded cuff. The secret is that it is easy to make.

3. Paper Clip Earrings

Paper Clip Earrings
Rain Blanken

Paper clips are made up of a sturdy steel wire that is perfect for bending into various jewelry styles. Since they are readily available, paper clips are a convenient medium for working wire jewelry projects.

4. Origami Bracelet

origami bracelet
Rain Blanken
These paper bracelets take only a few seconds to make. They are great instant accessories for a casual outfit. They also make great little gifts for friends.

5. Button Bracelet

Button Bracelet
Rain Blanken
What a great way to use up extra buttons that seem to find their way into the junk drawer. Even neutral and turtleshell buttons can be used for a sophisticated look.

6. Toothbrush Bracelet

Toothbrush Bracelet
When your toothbrush is worn, try this easy project to turn it into a funky bracelet. If you don't have an old toothbrush lying around, they cost a few cents at the dollar store. Can't beat that price for a new bracelet with character.

7. Make Paper Beads

Make Paper Beads
Rain Blanken
I love origami, so gluing paper beads is a great way for me to translate paper craft into my look. Learn how to make your own paper beads with this quick photo tutorial.

8. Decoupage Eyeball Ring

decoupage Ring
Rain Blanken
I had an old ring that needed to come out of the bottom of my jewelry box, and with a little bit of decoupage varnish, I was able to give it a face lift. Decoupage is cheap and easy, requiring few supplies.

9. Decapitated Barbie Jewelry Hanger

Decapitated Barbie Jewelry Hanger
Rain Blanken
I saw a few doll jewelry organizers in Bath and Body works selling for $30.00, and knew I could make them at home. After all, Barbie would rather rip off her head than let you pay that price. How convenient, because we were going to take it off for her, anyway.

10. Phone Jack Earrings

Phone Jack Earrings
These phone jack earrings call upon the mystical powers of communication to tune your ears into DIY techno fashion.
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