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How to Macrame - Make a Square Knot


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How to Macrame - Make a Square Knot
How to Tie a Square Knot

A square knot makes a flat, tightly woven pattern.

Macrame is commonly used to make friendship bracelets and hemp jewelry. There are two main knots used in macramé, the ‘larks head knot’ and the ‘square knot’. Once you know how to tie these two simple knots, you are on your way to making beautiful bracelets and necklaces.

What You’ll Need

  • Hemp or jute twine. These can be found at your local Wal-Mart or craft store. Embroidery thread will also work, as in the case of friendship bracelets.
  • A keyring or pencil to tie your string to while you work on it.
  • Scissors
  • Now that you have what you need, let’s get started.

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