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How-To Make a Pop Tab Bracelet


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Make a Pop Tab Bracelet
Soda Pop Tab Bracelet

Soda Pop Tab Bracelet

Rain Blanken
This soda tab bracelet is a great way to show off your resourcefulness and attitude toward recycling and reusing found objects. It is a great accessory for Earth Day and festivals like Tabfest that celebrate tab-collecting organizations like the Ronald McDonald House. Once it is finished, this bracelet is truly a durable and colorful accessory.

What You'll Need:

  • 20-25 Pop Tabs. Make sure that these have been washed and that there are no sharp edges.
  • Two pieces of 18-20" ribbon. You can use two of the same kind of ribbon, or styles that look great together.
  • (Optional) Scotch tape to make threading easier.
  • Scissors [recommended scissors]

Once you have gathered all of your materials, let's see how it works.

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