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Make a Pair of Phone Jack Earrings


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Make a Pair of Phone Jack Earrings - What You'll Need
Phone jack earrings

Phone Jack Earrings

These phone jack earrings call upon the mystical powers of communication to tune your ears into DIY techno fashion. Use these easy step-by-step directions to make your own in minutes.

You Will Need:

  • Phone Jack heads – Get these at any electronics store. You can find them in a nice transparent blue or clear plastic. Make sure they have the release tab on the top. If they are attached to a cord, yank out the cord with pliers so all you have is the jack head.

  • Round-tipped jewelry pliers
  • Glue gun
  • Craft Wire – These are cheap and easy to find at craft stores or Wal-Mart.
  • Earring loops – These can be found at the craft store. You will get nearly a hundred for just a couple bucks. There are different kinds, but for this project we are using one-piece wire loops.

When you have gathered your supplies, we can get started.

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