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Free Hat Patterns

Free Hat Patterns


Putting a lid on it has never been cheaper. Use these free sewing,knit and crochet patterns to make hats for every season of the year.

1. Make a Mini Top Hat

Mini Top Hat
Rain Blanken
Tiny hats in Victorian styles are a steampunk style that is gaining new interest with the release of Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

You can make a mini top hat that rivals the Mad Hatter's designs with this simple tutorial. After your hat is complete, we'll also see different ways to decorate it.

2. How to Wrap a Bandanna on your Head

Rain Blanken
Keep cool in the heat or just look cool all year round. All you need is a handkerchief or bandanna.

3. How to Make a Party Hat

Make a Party Hat
Rain Blanken
Special occasions are more fun when everyone is decked out in their festive best. You can take a party hat to the next level by adding glitter, feathers and a fun topper. I'll show you how in this brief tutorial.

4. Knit a Striped Sock Hat

Striped Hat
Sarah E. White
This fun hat can be done in two or more colors. From our Guide to Knitting.

5. Sew an Anime Hat

Anime hat
Rain Blanken
Anime hats are cute ways to keep your head warm. There are so many different faces and expressions to make, your hat is sure to look original.

6. Get Hat Fabric Up to 65% Off

Inexpensive Fabric

Okay, so these patterns are free, but I have yet to find free fabric! Well, there is something close to it.

Fabric.com is one of my favorite places to score dress fabric because you can get a lot of it at a cheap price. The site has oodles of info about the fabrics, with lots of patterns and types to choose from.

I highly recommend scoring your fabric for cheap, especially since shipping is free on all orders over $35.00.

7. Sun Blocking Hat for Sports

tennis hat
Jeff Cooper
"If you're not entirely comfortable with the idea of trusting the health of the skin on your face and neck to sunscreen, a sun-blocking hat might be an alternative." From our Guide to Tennis

8. Crochet Plastic Bag Sunhat

Crochet Plastic Bag Hat
Sherri Osborn
This quick tutorial will show you how to make a simple sunhat out of nothing more than plastic bags. From our Family Crafts Guide.

9. Knit a Scarf Hat

scarf hat
Sarah E. White
"A scarf hat or hat scarf is the perfect thing to keep your head really warm in the winter months. Because the scarf is attached to the hat, there's no worry that your face or neck are going to get cold." From our Guide to Knitting

10. Sew a Chef's Hat

chef hat
Thomas Duesing
"Make your own chef's hat for the person who will be manning the grill this summer or for part of a Halloween costume. What ever your purpose, you'll find free directions here." From our Guide to Sewing

11. Sew a Clown Hat

clown hat
Debbie Colgrove
"A clown costume is not complete without a hat! The possibilities are endless once you have the basic hat constructed." From our Guide to Sewing.

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