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Make a Party Hat - Free Stencil and Decoration Tips


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Print the Hat Pattern and Form the Hat
Make a Party Hat

Use a printable hat, or trace a printable hat on a piece of scrapbook paper.

Rain Blanken
Use scrapbook paper and a party hat stencil to create a party hat that can be anything from Victorian print to character themed. Use the party hat template to print a stencil that you can cut out and trace on the paper.

Instead of scrapbook paper, you can use one of our free printable party hat designs to create a har that is ready to cut out and use. Choose from birthday styles to designs for any holiday.

After you've cut out your party hat, curve the hat to create a cone shape. The design, however, is not a perfect cone. These hats are designed to have a rounded bottom so that they'll fit better on the curve of your head.

There is a tab on the inside of the hat which you can use to glue the hat together. Alternately, you can tape up the side.

Once your hat is put together, you can start decorating.

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