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Animal Hat Patterns

Knit or Crochet a Cute Animal Ear Hat


Owl hats
Mel P Designs/Flickr
Need an extra pair of ears this winter? Snuggly animal hats are in, with flaps to hide your chilly human earlobes and a set of cutie ears on top to showcase your favorite furry friend. Instead of paying the department store adoption fee for these fashionable pets, you can crochet, knit or sew your own.

Here are some free patterns, as well as inexpensive patterns created by yarn artists that know how to spin a cute animal hat.

Easy Sewing Patterns for Animal Hats

Free Crochet & Knit Animal Hat Patterns for all Ages While free patterns are nice, the small cost of an originally designed animal hat pattern will pay off when you're the only one sporting an original design by a real-life crocheter or knitter. Not only that, but the artists are usually more than happy to help if you have any questions about the pattern. Here is a comprehensive list of original animal hat patterns from across the handmade web.

Inexpensive Crochet Animal Hat Patterns for Adults
Crochet hats are quick and easy to make, even for someone who is new to the art. If you need a hat for a quick gift, these are a great option. Here are some original patterns from crochet designers.

Crochet Animal Hat Patterns for Kids
If crochet for adults is quick, you can guess that little hats for the kids are even faster. You'll have plenty of time for additional touches like button noses, ribbon bows on the ear, or even a bit of spray fabric glitter to create a fancy creature. Knit Animal Hat Patterns for Adults
Knit hats are those that look the most like the hats that are selling so well in stores. They are also the hats I often see wandering their natural habitat, downtown, in search of coffee and warmth. Knit Animal Hat Patterns for Kids
The following are some inexpensive knitting patterns to make animal hats for the kiddos. While the crochet hats are nice, again it's the knit hats that make up a good portion of the playground crowd. Do you have an animal hat pattern to share? Drop me a line so that I can add it to the list: diyfashion.guide [at] about.com

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