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Duct Tape Dummy - Duct Tape Dummy Tutorial


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Duct Tape Dummy
Duct Tape Dummy

A duct tape dummy makes fitting clothes easy.

Rain Blanken
Ever heard of a duct tape dummy? A duct tape dummy is an endlessly useful sewing tool if you are going to make a custom-fit piece of clothing. A duct tape dummy is a cheap and easy alternative to buying a professional dress form and it can be completed in a day.

These instructions are for the duct tape dummy only. When your dummy is done, we will learn how to make a stand for your dummy.

Thanks to Christine Shamblin and Betty Lickman, our panelists at the Duct Tape Dummy workshop at MARCon 44. Also, thanks to our beautiful model who shed her awesome Rainbow Brite costume to take part in this tutorial.

    What You'll Need
  • A friend to wrap you, or the friend you are wrapping. This is not a one person job!
  • At least 3 rolls of 60 yard duct tape -opt for cheap gray duct tape instead of the more expensive brands that come in all colors. The gray stuff will work just as well for this project. If you are working on a fuller figure, buy 5 rolls of tape just in case.
  • A garbage bag and saran wrap -or- two old t-shirts
  • Scissors [recommended scissors]
  • Permanent marker
  • Stuffing, such as plastic grocery bags, polyester batting or shredded paper. Optionally, you can also use shoulder pads to fill the breasts.
Once you have your materials, let's get started.

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