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Chainmaille Jewelry: Metal Elegance


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Chainmaille Jewelry by Xquisitely Lady M
Chainmaille Bracelet

Callista Bracelet: A unique combination of color in lime and copper. (Get it.)

Marguerite Hummel
As part of Zibbet Month on DIY Fashion, we will be hearing from handmade artisans who work with a variety of unique materials. Chainmaille is something my brain attaches to visions of knights on the jousting lawn. What inspires someone to turn these little rings of metal into breathtaking creations? I asked Marguerite Hummel of Xquisitely Lady M to show off some of her designs and tell us about the world of 'maille.

Tell us all about yourself and what you create.
I have been very blessed to have been able to incorporate my love of all things Knightly and Medieval into my passion for chainmaille jewelry. My background is extremely varied: I'm currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice (I graduate in August this year), I work full time and I have my maille. I believe in celebrating the beauty within all of us. I don't believe we are taught to see that - in fact I believe that what we're exposed to every day teaches us not to. I create pieces that are meant to highlight the beauty within, not disguise it. There is profound beauty in strength and there is equal strength in beauty. Chainmaille is the perfect medium to make that point. From the timeless weaves that we all know to new and innovative designs, I strive to create pieces that are distinct, classic, beautiful, bold, sophisticated, and statement-making that allow the wearer to revel in her own unique beauty.

Color also plays an integral part in my pieces. It's very much a part of our world and it should play just as important a role in the jewelry we choose. Color helps shape our mood and define our sense of personal style - it should definitely be reflected in everything we wear! From fun and flirty, to sultry and sensuous, there are colors and designs that define them all! I do a great deal of custom work as well. Those are some of my favorite pieces because the challenge is taking another's vision and making it reality. I firmly believe that some of those designs are among the most beautiful I've had the pleasure of creating.

All of my pieces have their own unique story and they are all special to me for that reason. Jewelry is extremely personal and I want the pieces I create to resonate with the person who wears them. That, to me, is the highest compliment.

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