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2011 About.com DIY Fashion Readers' Choice Award Winners


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The Votes are In!
RCA Winners

RCA Winners

RCA Winners
Welcome to the 2011 About.com Readers' Choice Awards!

From February 11 to March 8, DIY Fashion readers voted among five finalists for each category. If the buzzing nomination process was any indication, then the fierce voting competition came as no surprise. We saw thousands of votes from avid fans of independent artists, and even a little bit of voting controversy peppered in the fight for the most competitive categories.

The dust has cleared, and here are your winning picks for Best Online Handmade Marketplace, Favorite Fashion Blog, Favorite Handmade Artisan: Jewelry Design, Favorite Crafty Blog, Favorite Handmade Artisan: Crochet Designs, Favorite Handmade Artisan: Original Clothing Design, Favorite Handmade Artisan: Geek Craft, Best DIY Fashion Book of 2010, and Favorite Handmade Artisan: Knit Designs.

First up, your winner for Best Handmade Marketplace...

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