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What is a Darning Needle?


Darning Needle

Darning Needle

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Sock Darning

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Darning Egg

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Question: What is a Darning Needle?

"I read that I need a darning needle to fix my socks. What is a darning needle and where can I find one?"

Answer: A darning needle is simply a really large big needle. It isn't very sharp, and has an eye on it that is large enough to thread with yarn or embroidery floss. There are a few sizes of darning needle.

Use a large one if you are repairing a sock that has been made with a thick yarn, like one that someone hand-knit for you, or comfy winter socks. For the thinner, store-bought socks (like those favorite argyles that you just can't toss out) use a smaller needle.

I bought a set of Clover Chibi darning needles. These are inexpensive and come in a cute little case. Compare Prices Online for this darning needle set.

Need some advice on darning socks? Check out our complete photo tutorial on repairing socks with a darning needle and read about why sock darning can get addictive:


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