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Neo Victorian Steampunk Hat


Handmade by MsPurdy at Etsy.com
Neo Victorian Steampunk Hat

Neo Victorian Steampunk Hat

From Belinda, the artist:

"I just love how these Lil gem topper hats turned out..I have them in embellished in many colors.

This one is black with shades of green embellishments and a black tulle bustle and train in the back.

This lil gem topper that sits perched on top of your head and is held on by an elastic band that you put under the back of your head..then just place it where you want it on your head and it will stay in place. I like to wear them towards the front of your head, tilted to the side and on the ball of your forehead."

Handmade by MsPurdy at Etsy.com

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