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Neo Victorian Rockstar Newsboy


Handmade by Steam Society
Neo Victorian Rockstar Newsboy

Neo Victorian Rockstar Newsboy

Devin Haycox
From Devin, the artist:

"This is one of my favorite hats, and one of my signature "rockstar" items. Only very special pieces get my "rockstar" designation. These are items that I imagine would be worn by the lavish hedonistic rockstars of the romantic steam powered era, if there had ever been such a thing. So, if you've packed your steam-powered guitar and are heading out on a time-traveling trip, this is the cap to pack!

It just oozes charisma and neo-victorian rockstar elegance. Made from eco-friendly cotton canvas, this newsboy style hat is a dark olive green, and fully lined with black cotton. The hat is fitted with a super-comfortable elastic band on the inside brim, so the hat fits a wide range of adult heads. Made with ultra-durable construction, and a high quality brim.

This stunning hat is adorned with three striped natural brown cruelty-free pinion feathers. The feathers are accented at the base with a dark tea-colored braided rope applique and an antique star pendant. The decorated portion of the brim is made from a subtly fantastic diamond print ribbon in olive green and antique gold colors, with a slight metallic sheen. This ribbon is framed on the top and bottom with braided antique gold wire ribbon. The texture effect is really cool and gives the hat and added level of super-fantastic-awesomeness."

Handmade by Steam Society

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