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Steampunk Hats

Handmade steampunk hats of all kinds.


Steampunk is a style trend that follows the fantasy world of Edwardian and Victorian time. Like a whimsical Jules Vern novel, steampunk uses historical style along with elements of clockwork whimsy to create a new kind of nostalgia.

Steampunk hats can take the form of pillbox hats, mini derby hats, tiny pinned-on hats and even crowns. Feathers often make prominent appearances in steampunk headgear, as do metallic materials. All of the following hats were handmade by independent Etsy artisans.

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Steampunk Clockwork Mini Tricorn HatSteampunk Clockwork Mini Tricorn HatLacy Blue and Green Feather HeadbandLacy Blue and Green Feather HeadbandIndustrial Waste Scarf ClocheIndustrial Waste Scarf ClocheLe PoufLe Pouf
The Lady Explorer Cloche HatThe Lady Explorer Cloche HatExquisitely Elegant FascinatorExquisitely Elegant FascinatorNeo Victorian Steampunk HatNeo Victorian Steampunk HatSteampunk BonnetSteampunk Bonnet
Steampunk Mini CrownSteampunk Mini CrownSteampunk Mini CrownSteampunk Mini CrownNeo Victorian Rockstar NewsboyNeo Victorian Rockstar NewsboyDandy victorian Mini Topper HatDandy victorian Mini Topper Hat
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