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Fashion Photo Galleries

Handmade Fashion Photos. View handmade fashion photos in these galleries of diverse runway styles and homemade styles from talented independent artisans.
  1. Real-Life Style Stars
  2. Handmade Jewelry Photos (5)
  3. Handmade Clothing Photos (12)

Weird DIY Clothing and Accessories
Unique clothing, jewelry and accessories that are certainly one of a kind. These curious pieces range from the fantastic to the bizarre.

Hemp Jewelry Gallery and Patterns
Learn how to make hemp jewelry. Use beading, macrame, and wire techniques to make your own hemp jewelry.

Annual Gothic Weekend
Photos of the Annual Gothic Weekend in Whitby, UK. This gallery features photos of the gothic fashion put on display each October at the Annual Gothic Weekend.

Wave Gothic Festival
Photos from the Wave Gothic Festival. This photo gallery features gothic fashion from the Wave Gothic Festival in Leipzig, Germany.

Gothic Fashion
A gallery of gothic clothing sytles and DIY gothic fashion projects.

Punk Fashion Gallery
Examples of punk clothing, punk jewelry and punk accessories in full-color photos.

Harajuku Fashion Gallery
Gwen Stefani finds inspiration on these Tokyo Streets for her DIY fashions. The Harajuku district inspires DIY style around the world.

Decide to Buy Handmade
There are a few things to keep in mind when you are buying handmade, concerning the price tag and the quality of what you're buying.

Would You Dress up Gothic?
Would you dress up gothic? What would it take for you to get all dolled up?

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