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Halloween Costume Ideas?

From scary to sexy, here are over 100 costume ideas for women.


Costume Ideas for Women

Costume Ideas for Women

Rain Blanken
Jedi Costume

Jedi Costume

by LaMenta3
Vampire Costume

Vampire Costume

Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

Question: Halloween Costume Ideas?

"I need ideas for a Halloween costume. Costumes are so expensive. What kinds of costumes can I make myself?"

Answer: Halloween costume ideas are easy to come by here at About.com. Whether you want a costume for you or your dog, most are easy to make without spending much money.

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Costume How-To's and Ideas

Hot Costumes This Year:

Celebrity Costumes: Famous Character Costumes:

Classic Halloween Costumes:

Costume Accessories:

Makeup and Face Painting:

Sexy Costumes for Women:

Hot Men's Costumes Funny Costumes Group Costumes Couple's Costumes Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

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