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Reuse Plastic Bags

Learn how to reuse plastic bags by turning them into fashionable accessories.


Let's face it. Right now there's nothing more fashionable than recycling. You can work the green trend into your wardrobe while saving the planet with these clever ways to reuse plastic bags.

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1. Fuse Plastic Bags

Fused Plastic
Rain Blanken
A great way to recycle all those plastic grocery bags is to fuse them together to make a flexible material. This material can be used in lots of jewelry and accessory projects, giving everything it touches a futuristic look.

2. Plastic Bag Braclet

plastic Bag Bracelet
Rain Blanken

You can create bracelets for yourself or your whole group in a matter of minutes by recycling colored plastic bags. It's a green way to get into the spirit of things.

3. Make Plastic Bag Yarn, or 'Plarn'

Make Plarn
Rain Blanken
Did you know that it takes a grocery bag more than 1000 years to decompose in a landfill? Instead of trashing those bags, you can make 'plarn' to turn them into reusable totes and futuristic jewelry.

Learn how to make your own plarn for crochet and knitting projects. Plarn is easy to make and it is a simple way to recycle those plastic bags.

4. Plarn Project Examples

Plarn Necklaces
Check out these styles from plarn stitchers who have turned plastic bags into earrings, baskets, purses and more. You'll be amazed that these accessories were once mere shopping bags.

5. Video: Make a Reusable Grocery Bag

Grocery Bag Video
DIY Fashion

By using the same grocery bag over and over again, you can reduce waste and help the environment. See how to make a green, reusable grocery bag from discarded plastic baggies.

6. Fused Plastic Project Examples

Forever 21 Fused Plastic Hat
Tracie of RadicalRecycks

Need some inspiration? Check out all you can do with fused plastic, just like these talented artisans did. Here you can find bags, bookmarks, coffee cozies, coaster, hats, purses and more.

7. Make a Grocery Bag Caddy

Grocery Bag Holder
Debbie Colgrove
Need a way to store all those bags you intend on reusing? Our Guide to Sewing will show you how to make a quick & easy grocery bag caddy.

8. Plastic Bag Crafts for Kids

Have more bags than you could ever wear? Try making a parachute for an action figure or a Halloween ghost with these projects from our Guide to Family Crafts.
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