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DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Make mom smile when you make these gifts.


Remember when you made a pencil holder for mom out of clay in 3rd grade? That thing looked terrible, but boy did mom love it. This Mother's Day, make up for all those bad drawings mom's been saving and give her something handmade and fabulous.

Make Mom a Grocery Tote

Make a Grocery Tote for Mothers Day
Rain Blanken
We're always sending mom out for food, so why not let her do it in style? Eco-friendly grocery bags are all the rage, and can show off a bit of moms personality while she's cruising the dairy isle.

Here are some tote bag projects that show how much you love her cooking:

Make a Cassette Tape Wallet

Cassette Tape Wallet
Rain Blanken
Show mom just how funny it is that she still likes The Bangles and Genesis. This cassette tape wallet is easy to make and has so much personality. Almost as much as mom.

Photo Frame Bracelet

Photo Frame Bracelet
Rain Blanken
Capture all those memories of you and mom in this very personal photo frame bracelet. It's inexpensive and easy to make.

Melt a Record Album Tray

Vinyl Record Bowl
Rain Blanken
I'm not saying she's old or anything, but mom is probably familiar with vinyl records. Score one for pennies at a thrift store and make her this nostalgic jewelry tray.

Easy Bead Earrings

easy Bead Earrings
Rain Blanken
These easy earrings can be made with just a couple beads and some craft wire. Take a look at mom's existing jewelry collection before you choose your beads. She may have a bracelet or necklace that you can match these earrings with.

Mother's Day Jewelry Projects

Rose Quartz Pendant
Tammy Powley
Our Guide to Jewelry has put together this special list of jewelry projects that will make mom dazzle. Projects include:
  • Rose quartz pendant
  • Mother's Day bracelets
  • Elastic & pearl Grandmother bracelet
  • Family bracelet
  • List of birthstones

Quick Knits for Mom

knit sock
Sarah E. White
Our Guide to Knitting has put together a few quick projects, including:
  • Make a pair of socks
  • Small gift bag
  • Cabled pillow
  • Loopy washcloth
  • Soap Sack
  • Graceful shawl

Crochet for Mother's Day

Crochet Hotpad
Sandi Marshall
These are some little gifts that take just a few minutes to make and reap big points with mom. Projects include:
  • Hearts hot pad
  • Towel hangers
  • Dishcloth sets
  • Chartered image patterns
  • Long shawl

Stitch Mom Something Sweet

Beach Bag
Debbie Colgrove
Mom stitched up the holes in your jeans, so stitching her a little something is the least you can do. Here are more than 20 sewing projects from our Guide to Sewing.

Crafts for the Kids

Handprint plate
Sherri Osborn
"Try these free Mother's Day craft patterns and projects. Use many creative techniques and supplies to make a variety of holiday crafts related to Mother's Day." From our Guide to Family Crafts. Projects include:
  • Printable Mother's Day coupons
  • Printable Mother's Day cards
  • Scrapbook Templates
  • Safety pin crafts
  • Coloring Book Pages

Free Mother's Day Stencils

Mothers Day Flowers Stencil
Rain Blanken
Show mom you care with these free and easy stencils for your screen printed creations. Print shirts for you and all your siblings this Mother's Day.
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