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Handmade Gifts You Can Make

Give handmade and save some cash with these impressive gifts.


Everyone could use a little extra money this holiday season, so why not make your own gifts that are high quality and thoughtful -but easy on the wallet. Here are some expert how-to's for handmade gifts with that personal touch.

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1. 100 Handmade Gift Ideas

Handmade Giveaways
Tooga / Digital Vision
Get photo tutorials on how to make a hundred handmade gifts for everyone on your list.

2. Decoupage Anything

Decoupage Case
Rain Blanken
I love decoupage because it can be so personal. Save brochures from a family trip, favorite photos and magazine cut-outs to make a jewelry box or case for a best friend or mom.

3. Turn a Favorite T-Shirt into a Personal Gift

T-Shirt Skirt
Rain Blanken
Anyone can buy a t-shirt and give it away, but it takes a real friend to buy that t-shirt and repurpose it into a piece of rockin style. Use your friend's favorite characters to create a skirt, dress, or custom shirt with these t-shirt surgery projects.

4. Make a Pendant

Polymer Clay Medallion
Kate Pullen
Pendants can be made by decorating and stamping a variety of materials. They are easy to create, and can be seasonal or very personal. try these pendant projects from our About.com Guides.

5. Give a Bunch of Bracelets

Make Bracelets
Rain Blanken
Bracelets are one of the most simple gifts to make, but they have a big payoff. Bangles and bracelets are easy to wear, so you're likely to see your gift coordinated with your buddy's outfit the next time you go out for coffee.

6. Make a Purse or Bag

Make a Change Purse
Rain Blanken
One way to give a handmade gift is to give it in a handmade bag. No matter what you stuff in these bags and purses, you'll be giving something she really needs...a bag!

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