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100 Handmade Gift Ideas

Make a little handmade treat for someone you love.


Need something a little more unique than that basket of bath gels at the local Walmart? Here are some top picks for totally original gifts that are easy to make. Handmade gifts have a personal touch that means so much more than commercial items.

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1. 1940's Clutch

Crochet Clutch
Sandi Marshall
This is a 1940's style clutch with texture, using a long crochet stitch. It can be completed within one night of couch crocheting in front of the TV. Finish it off with a retro clasp on the front. This is a good gift for someone digging vintage style.

2. Apron Top

Apron Top
Rain Blanken
Apron tops can be made out of medium-weight quilting fabrics, so they have a lot of possibility for patterns and colors. This one makes a great gift because the long straps ensure they'll fit a girl of any size.

3. Arm Warmers

Knit Arm Warmer
Sarah E. White
One great way to work layers this holiday season is to wear arm warmers over long sleeves. Sarah E. White will show you how to create a pair of eyelet arm warmers that you can make especially for someone special.

4. Art Deco Necklace

Art Deco Necklace
Jennifer VanBenschoten
This art deco necklace looks great with natural or glittering beads. Use the beads suggested in the tutorial from Jennifer VanBenschoten, or substitute your own choices to create a statement piece to gift.

5. BBQ Apron

BBQ Apron
Debbie Colgrove
Nothing says 'cook for me soon' like giving the gift of an apron. Not only will they be happy to get a personalized apron, but they'll be thinking of you the next time the burgers are set to sizzle. This free pattern from Debbie Colgrove is your meal ticket.

6. Beach Bag

Beach Bag
Debbie Colgrove
This beach bag is made from a mesh material so that all that wet and sand won't follow you home. Debbie Colgrove has the free pattern and instructions for this gift fit for your favorite beach baby.

7. Bead Bag Charm

Bag Charm
Kate Pullen
If you are giving a crocheted bag as a gift, add this cute beaded charm to jazz it up a bit. Choose paper colors that compliment the bag, and use a few tips from Kate Pullen for stamping the paper.

8. Beaded Button Earrings

Beaded Button Earrings
Tammy Powley
Put a pair of old buttons to work when you couple them with seed beads and a little weaving know-how. These bead button earrings from Tammy Powley make a great gift because they can be made from those extra buttons that come with pants and sweaters for a perfect outfit match.

9. Bell Bottom Jeans

Rain Blanken
Use an existing pair of jeans to create funky bellbottoms. This is a great gift for a friend who has their own sense of style.

10. Blocks and Lace Wrap

Crochet Blocks Wrap
Sandi Marshall
A simple wrap is perfect for both cold winter nights and days at the beach. This wrap can be put around your shoulders or even tied at the waist. A great gift for your friends who like to be flexible with their style.

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