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100 Handmade Gift Ideas

Make handmade Christmas gifts to save money and make it personal.


Handmade Christmas presents have something extra. Not only will they save you a ton of money this holiday season, but they end up being one-of-a-kind, treasured gifts with a personal touch. Here are some tutorials for handmade presents they'll love.

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1. Photo Frame Bracelet

Photo Frame Bracelet
Rain Blanken
Nothing says personal like photos of you and your BFF. Or, say, magazine cut-outs of Johnny Depp. Put whatever photos you like in this easy-to-make polymer bracelet.

2. Knit Socks

Knit Socks
Sarah E. White
Those soft, fluffy knit socks you see in department stores can be made at home while you chill on the couch.

Pick your buddy's favorite colors and get to stitching. Even if you are new to knitting, Sarah E. White will show you how to create this personal stocking to stuff a stocking with.

3. Cupcake Earrings

Cupcake Earrings
Sherri Osborn
Elizabeth from Covered in Crafts Blog will show you how to make these adorable cupcake earrings without having to buy any beads. These are made simply from shrink plastic that you've colored yourself.

4. Simple Shoulder Purse

Shoulder Purse
Sherri Osborn
Create a colorful purse in just the right pattern for a friend. It's hard to go wrong when these directions from Sherri Osborn are so easy.

5. Snuggle Bag

Snuggle Bag
Sherri Osborn
The latest trend in winter wear seems to be having your own personal sack to lounge in. Well, it certainly will keep someone warm.

Hop over to the fabric store and score someone's favorite fleece character pattern, then try this step-by-step from Sherri Osborn.

6. Garden Seed Box

Garden Seed Box
Sherri Osborn
We all have an avid gardener in our lives, so this little seed tote from Sherri Osborn is a good way to say 'please give me lots of tomatoes next summer'.

Follow the easy instructions to decorate a dollar store tin box into something that will inspire yard work. Now that's a powerful craft.

7. Necktie Pouch

Necktie Pouch
Sherri Osborn
I've seen so many cool Three Stooges and Shrek ties that I wanted to buy, but couldn't talk anyone into wearing. The fabric is high quality and shiny...what to do?

You can use these silky styles to create this cute pouch from Sherri Osborn, which is great for spare change, chapstick or a cell phone. I suggest stuffing it with your buds favorite candy before you give it away.

8. No-Slip Socks

No-Slip Socks
Sherri Osborn
Bust out your inner artist, because these slipper socks are a freehand experiment in raw talent. From Sherri Osborn, this tutorial will show you how to add dimensional paint to the bottom of a sock to create a non-slip pair of slippers.

Create your own simple designs, or visit Helen South for lots of simple drawing how-to's.

9. Fingerless Gloves

Knit Fingerless Gloves
Sarah E. White
Knit fingerless gloves are so hot right now...and hey, they even keep you warm. I love this design from Sarah E. White because you can wear a pair of contrasting gloves underneath them for extra warmth and style.

10. Arm Warmers

Knit Arm Warmer
Sarah E. White
One great way to work layers this holiday season is to wear arm warmers over long sleeves. Sarah E. White will show you how to create a pair of eyelet arm warmers that you can make especially for someone special.

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